Well we all know that Valentines Day is coming up.  As a scrapper, it is about this time that we are flooded with wonderful Valentine themed kits.  I am highlighting one of the kits just out.  It is a collaboration by Erica Zwart Designz and Anita Designs at Mscraps called Stuck On You.  The papers are wonderful, full of pinks of different hues, a wonderful variety of cardstock, a soft mix of patterned papers, and a great variety of elements.


 I had been wanting a kit with soft muted colors for a favorite photo of my daughter when she was a toddler.  This kit looked perfect.  I will love you forever
Some of the techniques I used on this kit were custom shadows all of the elements that had height, so the rolled flowers each had a custom shadow as did the ribbon.  I took the paper which was made of rows of hearts in all different colors:


I cropped out a few rows, the length of the paper, thinking I would use it as a horizontal element under the lower portion of the photo grouping. I didn’t think it looked right, so I then decided to extract only the row of deep pink hearts, and use them. I used the magic wand tool, selected the pink hearts, I wanted to keep, then did an inverse selection, and hit the delete key. This allowed me to get rid of everything but the pink hearts.

The kit included a column of repeated text which was just of XOXOXOX, of varying lengths. I placed in on both sides of the top background paper, but blended it into the paper, and then used a mask to use it to add an almost grunge feel to the paper. I wanted more grunge, so I used two of Erica’s grunge border overlays, and recolored one to a deeper pink, the other I place just to the inside of the first and made that one white, to provide the look of another frame – each overlay has a blend mode used on it so that it looks like it is part of the paper, and not on top of the paper. I placed the repeated LOVE word art under my photo/element block. Although it was not long enough to go from top to bottom, I placed one at the top, copied it and dragged it to the bottom. I used the blend mode “linear burn” on it so that the texture of the paper would show through. I liked having a vertical element in contrast to the horizontal hearts. I place a swirling scribble underneath the photo, and at the tail end placed both a photo glow, and a flower from the it. Around the large loop of the swirl, I placed a quote which reads: I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for all days. As long as I’m Living, My baby you’ll be.

I love how it turned out. It was an old film photo I had been wanting to scrap for years. Any comments would be appreciated – especially any positive constructive criticism of things you would have done differently, and why. It is the best way to grow. Thanks for stopping by.