CLIMB – a multi-photo, template layout.

I recently took a trip with my daughter to visit my parents back east. While there, my daughter decided she had to climb one of the two huge pecan trees in the front yard. My immediate thought – PHOTO OP!!! It was rather comical, as my daughter found it much more difficult to get up in the tree as she had thought it would be. I loved the photos for a good many reasons: first off, it is always difficult to get any photos of my daughter, so I was pleased with the opportunity to get some spontaneous shots, and second, I loved the texture of the bark of this gigantic pecan tree. I held the photos for some time, just not knowing how to scrap them. I have to admit that I get use to scrapping one photo at a time, as I feel there is often times much more impact when you can concentrate on just one image. In this case, however, I felt a layout created using multiple photos, told the best story.


Templates always make the job of putting together a layout so much easier.  It must also be remembered that the versatility of a template is its ability to be modified.  The template I decided to use was rotated 90 degrees.  In addition, I swapped two of the masks, to better work with the photos.  I used FotoInspired DoubleTemplate No. 8 by Anna Aspnes.


I attached the photos to the photo masks of the layout, and placed two ArtsyKardz to be used for journaling, applying shadows to both.  I used the PSD files, slightly re-coloring layers to best work with the colors within the photographs.  The third ArtsyKard was attached to the center photo mask of the template.  I then added the journaling, I applied a neutral Weathered Neutral paper for the template background, added the epoxy brad, and word strips.  At this point I decided to reduce the scale of the entire layout, allowing me to add the green weathered neutral paper behind the template, and edged it with the lined overlay, changing its color.  I added the title “CLIMB!” using the NotebookAlpha.


I wanted to add a bit more impact to the layout, so.  I added the 12×12 fotoBlendz just on top of the template background paper, changing its color, blend mode and opacity.  I added some dripped stains on top of the 12×12 fotoBlendz, making them white, playing around with the blend modes and opacities as well.  I took a stitched LoopDaLoop and angled it so that two of the loops encircled my daughters face, and finished up adding a flutterby tattoo to the center ArtsyKard.

Click on the layout to go to Oscrap gallery for product credits.

Click on the layout to go to Oscrap gallery for product credits.


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