It is hard to believe that it has already been one year since Anna Aspnes Designs came to Oscraps.  In thinking about this past year I began to realize how much I have grown as a digital scrapper.  When I first began using her digital scrapbook kits I didn’t know where to start, and I had concerns I would do it wrong.  Once I got past that fear, I realized there was no right way or wrong way as long as you were creating something that spoke to you.   Her kits have allowed me to think a bit outside the box, and freed up my style just a bit, and I can say that I really doubt I would have grown as much  if I was working with the more traditional digital scraping kits.

I have since become a member of Anna’s Creative Team, and feel so honored to be amoungst some very talented ladies.  They teach me a great deal and their talent pushes me to become better.

In honor of Anna’s one year anniversary, she is having a sale and some fun a games, so if you have yet to ever work with any of Anna’s kits, I invite you to come and check out her store, and of course to partake in some of the activities.  Be sure to check out Anna’s blog.

I sat down to pick out some of my favorite items of Anna’s and found that next to impossible.  Instead I could only narrow things down to a few product types like edge overlays, LoopDaLoops, and fotoblendz.  I was, however, able to pick out a kit – mainly because I always seem to have loads of beach photos.  The kit is ArtPlay Palette Salty Living.


The page I created is of my daughter running on the beach at 4 years old.  In the background you can see The Hotel Del Coronado.  Although the photo was taken over 16 years ago, I remember the delight on my daughter’s face as she ran on the wet sand, and how she giggled when she ran too close to the water’s edge.  Not much is better than a child playing on the beach.

As I work on a layout, it seems to take on it’s own life and evolve into the final – finished version.  Although I never planned to have the more neutral colors at the bottom of the page, I felt it worked well with the beach sand, and I loved the little bits of red that is mimicked by the roof from the hotel and the red in my daughters dress.   I also love the reflections of everything on the wet sand.


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