I cannot even imagine entering the military, and heading off to war. Those that do, I feel a great deal of gratitude toward. They freely fight the enemy knowing they may not come back after the war. Too many are killed, or injured. I feel for all who choose to fight the terrorists that wish to do us harm.

In my hometown, my daughter tells me about all of her friends that chose to enter the military after they graduated high school. She is able to keep in touch with them from their occasional posts on Facebook. We are both always concerned for their safety, hoping they all come back safe once their tour is done.

This past December, my daughter learned that one of her friends was killed in action. It was so hard to console her as it is hard for a young adult to have to face death, and she as seen her share of it through high school, and now the war or terror. I spent much of the next few days looking online at the information about this young man’s death, as well as the other’s that had died with him. I found photos and videos of Kenny, and it was heart-breaking to think of how his family was coping.

Kenny Necochea

My being a digital scrapper, I immediately archived a number of photos of Kenny, and asked my daughter if she would like a page done in his memory. Through her tears, she said she would like that very much. He died on December 12, 2010, and over the months I attempted to scrap his page, but I never felt that any of the pages I started did this young man justice. This page had to be special. When the 10th anniversary of 911 was upon us, I again thought of Kenny. Although this page was not completed for this 10th anniversary, I began working on it again, and finally felt satisfied that it was a fine enough tribute for Kenny. When posting this page, I got many a comment from others saying that this scrapbook page of Kenny helped remind them of all the wonderfully courageous military men and woman out there fighting to protect us. Kenny proudly served in the Army in the 101st Airborne, he is any of thousands of men and women that have been killed or injured. We need to be reminded sometimes that although our lives continue as it always has, there are others out there laying their lives on the line to keep us safe. I will always have Kenny Necochea in my heart. He has shown me how important it is to be thankful for the special life we have, and to not take things for granted. I will always remember that you gave your life to keep us safe. God bless you Kenny, you will always be in my heart.


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