911 – Ten Years

I, like many others have a very difficult time each year on 9/11. I find myself crying more than I would like, in disbelief that something so horrific could happen. I spent a good amount of the day pouring over a scrapbook page highlighting the events of the day, and putting a lot of my thoughts on the page. In the end, I just couldnt bear to post it, so I began browsing the interest to look at some of the days events. It was then that I found a photography taken by an AP photographer Amy Sancetta. It was taken at the unveiling of the Flight 93 National Memorial in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. I immediately decided that this photo was the one I had to scrap.

Never Forget

As I began to scrap, instead of having a lump in my throat, I felt just a bit uplifted. I just kept staring at this little girl walking past the monument. Much too young to be a child born after 911 to one who died, but I wondered if she was a relative. So sweet, and innocent, not touched by the ugliness of that day, 10 years prior. When placing the photo on the page, I realized the first name on the photo was that of Todd Beamer. I don’t think I will ever forget his actions along with other passengers on the plane that day. His cry of “LET’S ROLL” will never be forgotten, and has become a defiant cry many now use when up against adversity, but moving forward, none the less.

I still feel that each anniversary, I will find myself thinking of all whose lives were changed my this day, but I also feel so blessed to have been born in a country such as the United States. We are resilient people, and will push through all obstacles. We will survive. We will not let terrorists destroy us. This little girl gives me hope for the future. I hope and pray that she does not have to witness such ugliness in the world as we did ten years prior.

In creating this page I felt that its basic color had to be minimal. I began browsing through background paper and knew right away it would be gray. As soon as I saw the paper with the vertical lines, I knew it was the one. I also felt that the photo had to be placed so that the vertical lines of the monument landed on the vertical lines of the paper. So as to not overpower, I also felt the title “Never Forget” had to be white, and not black, as I felt it would have caused the eye to go directly there. I also knew I had to place something else on the page. My decision was to place a silk flower partially off the page and I inserted the pearl in the middle. I brought down the color on both the flower and the pearl so as to not conflict with the color of the little girls skirt. The photo, the title and the flower work as a visual triangle, keeping the eye moving and studying the page. All items used on this page are from Anna Aspnes Designs. If you have never used her digital products, you should check out her store. Clicking on the scrapbook page will take you to the gallery where you will find the products I used.


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