How did I ever live without my Kelly Moore Bag

My choice: The Kelly Moore Classic

Look, I know women have a thing for shoes. We have to have them for every occasion. We need them in all types of heel heights, different colors, different leathers, open toed, strappy, boots, you name it. I find comfort in knowing I have shoes for every occasion, but to be honest, I find I go more for the same pair for everyday use, as I go for the comfort over everything else – shear perfection for my feet.

For me, my love lies more in the bag I carry. I have noticed over the past few years that I have purchased a number of handbag, in all different styles and colors. I have dozens, and I love them all. However, I have always had the dilemma of how to carry my camera as well. For a while, I decided a point and shoot would be the answer – a small camera I could carry with me anywhere. I found, however, that although I always had that point and shoot with me, I never seemed to pull it out. I sometimes went weeks without taking a photograph, whereas I always found a reason to take photos each and every day, when I had my DSLR, but I hated either dragging an extra camera bag, or was afraid of damaging it the days I placed it in one of my really large bags. I also have a camera bag as well. It is well padded, and has the room for all of my equipment, but I just do not like the bag. After all, it is just a plain ole camera bag.

All Bag Styles

Now, I don’t know why I hadn’t known about the Kelly Moore bags. How could it be that I had never run across these beautiful bags. I heard about them one day while reading the forums where I post my digital scrapbook pages. Everyone was raving about how beautiful they were, and how great it was to be able to carry their camera in something made with a woman in mind. Something that was stylish, and in such beautiful colors. I immediately clicked on the link that was so thoughtfully placed in their post. I was in love. I wanted to purchase one right away, but with my daughter starting college, and wanting to go the an extremely expensive private college, I told myself I had to be very frugal. I looked at the price tag and told myself there was no way I could afford the bag right now. How could I justify the cost of the bag. You see, I had told myself with the last purse that I bought that I had to stop. The economy has just gotten so bad that I told myself I had to simplify my life and stop purchasing. I had gotten pretty good in all the other areas of my life, but the purses were my weakness – but it had to end.

For weeks I pined over these bags. I would go to the Kelly Moore website and gaze at them. I even loved to watch each and every video that Kelly herself had made to help people make their decision. In the videos, she is surrounded by all the bags in different colors, and I just melt at the thought of owning one. I would watch her open each and every one, and listen to her explanation of each pocket or zipper, and I would long for the day that I could order one for myself. I would drool over the Classic bag, with it’s look of being the perfect tailored womens bag, the B-Hobo, with it’s casual comfortable look that every girl would love to own, the Posey, with it’s own little zippered pocket that held credit cards, and it’s ability to have more than one, somewhat eccentric look, so different than any other, the JuJu, which looks like the perfect Tote, almost like the leather bag you would pull out for that special weekend trip, and even the Kelly Boy bag, that looks like that perfect casual leather laptop bag with it’s wonderful large flap and it’s two large front pockets. They would each call to me. They were screaming “BUY ME – BUY ME!”

One night while on the computer, I was doing my scrapbooking, on one monitor, with the Kelly Moore Bag website open on the other, I figured out a way to justify the purchase of one of the bags. The way I figured it, I had to come up with a way to save up the money on things I would normally purchase. In other words, I had to save in one area in order to spend in another. I devised a plan of looking at each and every purchase I made each day, and for each change I made, I jotted down my savings. I went for my occasional starbucks, and stopped myself at the door, and told myself, NO – Kelly Moore Bag!, and jotted the cost in my little notebook. I brown bagged peanut butter and jelly sandwiches instead of the Chinese or Mexican food for lunch at work. Hell, I even bought store brand instead of name brand and jotted down that difference. I drank water instead of soda – another 50 cent savings. Slowly, but surely, it added up.

Well it took me a while, but much sooner than I thought, I had saved up enough. I was so excited. But now I had another problem. Which bag was I going to get, and in which color. I was off to watch the videos again to help me make my decision. I narrowed things down by how much equipment I had to carry, and the colors each bag came in, and decided on the Kelly Moore Classic in purple – a beautiful deep eggplant color, and placed my order. Within the first week of using my new bag, I came to this conclusion. I am happy with my decision to scrimp and save for the bag, but I have noticed that now that I have my camera with me all the time, I am so much happier. I feel so much more complete to have my camera with me all the time. Now I don’t feel like I miss out on those special shots, as I just have to reach down and grab the camera, and I am ready to go. I also realized that even if I had not made the decision to save for the bag, my happiness would have been worth every penney. I think I’m putting my old camera bag on Ebay, as I will never use it again.

Now girls if you are sitting on the fence trying to decide on whether to buy this bag, I can tell you I am estatic about mine. It feels good when I carry it. I love feeling that my equipment is protected. Although I never thought I would lengthen the strap enough to use it cross body, I tried it, and I love to carry it that way as well, although for everyday use, I shorten it just a bit and just place it on my shoulder. I also have to admit that I hesitated at first, at the thought that the bag was not made of leather. I understood that the material was choosen to keep the camera from the elements, but I was still hesitant. Upon receiving the bag, my fears were for nothing as the bag looks and feels like it is made of fine leather. The construction is sturdy, and Kelly is right, the bag is stiff enough to stand on it’s own, which I think is a plus as well. The hardware is a beautiful brushed silver. It is a beautiful bag. I still have a problem – I am still eating PB&J sandwiches because I am saving for another bag. Will it be the Kelly Boy or the JuJu, or…..

Check it our for yourself girls, at


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